Yellow Page

We want businesses to have a place where they can put all their contact information online with an actual reach to people who are looking for different products and services.

Yellow pages follow the same format like that of the yellow pages of old. Businesses and companies advertise their addresses and other contact numbers for all possible customers to see. Before there was the internet, people actually look at these yellow pages to search for a reliable company with a service that they seek.

What’s in it for you if you post your contact information on this site? Promotion for your business, access to special discounts and voucher codes, and more.

About us

CentralOtago is an online website directory where customers and businesses look for companies that can provide their much-needed services. We want to make the search easier for users by giving them all the details that they are looking to contact you as the service provider. With over a hundred countries and partners from around the world, we are reinventing the way you seek out companies near your area. Read more


Jack J Williams

Jack is a writer, contributor, and one of the major brains behind CentralOtago. He is an entrepreneur by heart and wants to change the world by making life easier for customers who seek services from companies in the vicinity. He previously worked for companies that buy traffic for website and create tech blogs for consumers.

Contact Info

Adress: 445 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Telephone: (026) 7626-143

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